What I think about when I think about 2020.

What I think about when I think about 2020. 732 422 JOY IS NOT OPTIONAL

I think about the 1.8 million lives lost worldwide to Covid. I think about the front line workers and supporting staff who have gone beyond the beyond to ensure our…

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“I hate yoga”, and other realizations that come and go like waves in the ocean.

“I hate yoga”, and other realizations that come and go like waves in the ocean. 1334 888 JOY IS NOT OPTIONAL

I woke up with a really odd feeling the other day. Yoga, the great sustainer, my love for her was gone. What happened? A pandemic happened and we all deal…

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Overwhelmed? Meditate.

Overwhelmed? Meditate. 784 590 JOY IS NOT OPTIONAL

There are so many things we can do with our time. We family, work, workout, self-care. Sometimes I don’t know where to begin. I find myself wanting to throw in…

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6 Essential Ayurvedic Spices

6 Essential Ayurvedic Spices 1360 908 JOY IS NOT OPTIONAL

Ayurveda is one of the world’s oldest holistic healing systems. Developed more than 3,000 years ago in India, it says that the health and wellness of the individual depend on…

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When you travel, there are things you must bring with you. Your medications, eyeglasses, passport, undies. But what about those things that make your travel life better? Go anywhere on…

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Why Travel?

Why Travel? 978 456 JOY IS NOT OPTIONAL

THE TIME HAS COME The reasons why people love to travel is varied and personal. Want to learn something new? Travel. Want to gain perspective on your everyday life? Travel…

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Listen 1000 652 JOY IS NOT OPTIONAL

Here we go yo, here we go yo. So what so what so what’s the scenario? – A Tribe Called Quest I started this year without a list. I didn’t…

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How To Give

How To Give 1000 750 JOY IS NOT OPTIONAL

To stay elastic, bend and give seems like a given if you have an asana practice. Physically we are stretching ourselves, molding our bodies into shapes that our day to…

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Season Of Change

Season Of Change 1000 532 JOY IS NOT OPTIONAL

Nothing stays the same. Absolutely nothing is in a state of stasis.  Always moving and shifting  we are forever in change.  Sometimes the changes are greeted with great happiness, in others…

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Your Rocky Moment

Your Rocky Moment 1000 632 JOY IS NOT OPTIONAL

What does it mean to practice?   What does it mean to repeat something again and again to acquire or maintain proficiency in it?  When what we are doing seemingly…

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