with Nina Siemaszko



Whether you book one session or ongoing sessions, private instruction is the ultimate way of caring for yourself. If you are new to yoga this time will help you learn the basics before attending public classes. If your a yogi recovering from injuries, surgery or illness we will ease you back into your practice intelligently with a personalized plan incorporating yoga props, chairs and your surroundings as assists. A private setting attends to your specific needs and what is most appropriate for you.

Corporate Yoga

Team building can start on the mat. Most of us spend over 1/3 of our lives in the workplace. Yoga at work can not only offer your employees time to recharge, build community and improve productivity but improve communication, efficiency, and collaboration. Focus and observation, tools cultivated on the mat will help your employees and business thrive.

Doing a corporate retreat? Let me create a specific program to cater to your employees needs, the environment you are in and the timeframe that needs to be considered. No groups are too small or too large and all groups are unique. Let’s collaborate and inspire.