How To Give

How To Give

How To Give 1000 750 JOY IS NOT OPTIONAL

To stay elastic, bend and give seems like a given if you have an asana practice. Physically we are stretching ourselves, molding our bodies into shapes that our day to day lives never entertain.  We GIVE ourselves over to the physical practice.  As we cultivate a deeper understanding of what it is to be a yogi we see that this GIVE goes deeper than muscles, shapes and the physical.

Every December my inbox overflows with financial asks from every organization local, nationwide, global.  Can I please make a donation? Would you consider a monthly one?  And every year I am ready with earmarked income I have squirreled away  to give to the various groups that appeal to me.  Some years are light some are more generous.

In my yoga practice to stay elastic I have to go beyond my limits  and out of my comfort zone.  When I  come at things from a new angle, when I change things up I can get strong where I have weakness.  I try something new and risk, I give.

TIME it seems is my most precious asset.  The other day I drove across town to see a friend.  For both of us  it was a herculean effort. Traffic there and back, loss of income, the 405 freeway.  We both went beyond the stretch and give. Time the finite commodity became the offering  and  the gift.  The joy we both felt seeing one another filled us days.  SO GREAT TO SEE YOU. WHY DON’T I SEE YOU MORE. OMG GURL.  We gave to each other, our spirits filled, time was well spent and JOY was the reward.  #AWESOME


Donating your money,  time, your skills,  raising funds,  giving things  you have that you know someone else may enjoy even more than you will. These are just some of the things we can do in the spirit of giving.

“Joy is the reward, really, of seeking to give joy to others. When you show compassion, when you show caring, when you show love to others, do things for others, in a wonderful way you have a deep joy that you can get in no other way. You can’t buy it with money. You can be the richest person on Earth, but if you care only about yourself, I can bet my bottom dollar you will not be happy and joyful. But when you are caring, compassionate, more concerned about the welfare of others than about your own, wonderfully, wonderfully, you suddenly feel a warm glow in your heart, because you have, in fact, wiped the tears from the eyes of another. “

The At-Choo Foundation.Elaine Seamens is a WONDER and
what she is doing in animal welfare is nothing beyond extraordinary.
The At-Choo Foundation commits funds to medical dogs who are in in extreme need of care. It has been proven that with funds in place, a Professor of Love is rescued quicker. That means care, comfort and love come quicker.