Welcome to Yoga with Nina Siemaszko

Nina Siemaszko

is a Los Angeles based yoga and movement teacher.

Her smart dynamic classes are designed to empower the beginner and challenge the more advanced. Through both humor and discipline she inspires her students to stretch beyond their comfort zones, to train their minds, relieve stress and pain, and move towards happiness. Come and PLAY!

Sensory Safari  Returns

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Costa Rica awaits.

Questions  I  am often asked about retreats:

1. I am not a yoga person, but I like YOU, can I come? 
You are my hero for asking. Joy is the ONLY experience I hope you get a lot of on retreat, everything ELSE is optional. 

2. Do I have to do all the things? 
Nope, you could hunker down in your room for the week and come out for food and water and we would not be disappointed in your choice.
Do you Boo! Let this time be allll about YOU, your needs and your choices. Here when ya need me!

3. Can I fly with you? 
Sure can, PM me, send in your deposit and I will give ya all the details.
Super Excited to head back to heaven on earth @thesanctuarycostarica October 6-13
This place has to be experienced to understand its magic and beauty.
I am so grateful to @perreyreeves for this off this grid spot in the jungle and the privilege to return. 

We only have a few spots left. 

PM to inquire, link in Bio for more info.
Fifty Four

Grateful beyond measure to YOU for shepherding me through. 

I love you village! 
Thank you @bajaserenity  for hosting us this past week! 

We had a BLAST
We ate good foods. 
We moved our bodies. 
We soaked in Mama Ocean. 
We listened to the nature surrounding us.
We danced.
We laughed.


See you soon Cabo Pulmo!
Remember the  time when you could still meet people at the airport and have some time together, unrushed and uninterrupted?

I have so many pictures of My father and I at O’hare Airport. 
He never missed a chance to meet me as I was coming and going to this place or that.
I would inevitably sit in his lap because sitting next to him was NOT close enough and we would talk, laugh, cuddle. 
Though we spoke on the phone almost everyday, airport get togethers were great because I could put my head on his shoulder and smell him. That mix of Jovan Musk, Aveeno and Barkeepers  friend = heaven on this man. 

We were stupid immeshed, he loved me way too much, and only the four leggeds seem to come close. 

All this to say that I fuckeen miss him and I wish airports would let you meet your people at the gate. 
It would be nicer.

And to those who don’t celebrate this day, Happy Sunday to you. 
I love you.