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Nina Siemaszko

is a Los Angeles based yoga and movement teacher.

Her smart dynamic classes are designed to empower the beginner and challenge the more advanced. Through both humor and discipline she inspires her students to stretch beyond their comfort zones, to train their minds, relieve stress and pain, and move towards happiness. Come and PLAY!


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31 years of a continuous path and another year of big living, many naps and lots of communing with the fellows. 
So many losses, upsets and upheavals and many of them great surprises and gifts. 
“so many rainbows in my clouds” Dr. Maya Angelou 
A big thank you for those who trudged along with me.
I am present for the miracles and in gratitude for what has come.
To those before me and to those after, 
WE do it together. 
I can’t do this alone. 
So so so stoked there is a solution and that just for today I GET TO be a part of it. 

I have a self I can live with
principles to live by
and a purpose to live for. 

To another 24 hour increment, a second, minute, hour, breath at a time. 

Happy Birthday Kazoo! 

Throwing down TP Canyon Life Style vibes as we enjoy you and  another year around the sun! 

Love you. So GRATEFUL for you and the fact that you are nearer rather than far-er, 
AND the pop in’s like Ethel for a spot o tea. 

SO GLAD YOU WERE BORN big brother like no other!!! ❤️❤️❤️🕺🎯🕺🎯🕺🎯❤️🎯😜

Big big thank you to @munaysonqoretreatcenter  @valerio_sasari  and @officialmickiduran  for being the dopest partner in retreat! 

to all who travelled with us 
YES, and 

until the next.

📸 by @studiocityortho !!!!!
@angelarye Y’all. They trying to give 45 presidential immunity. SCOTUS is not about to oppose Trump. They think they want a dictator? They about to get it. Watch this. Tap. In.
I can’t tell you how much your words have meant. Thank you. 

I miss my little man so much and am finding myself going over every last detail. Could I have done anything different? How could I have done anything different? If he didn’t have the surgery, if I went into the vet earlier and had more xrays, if, if, if.... and the WHY’s, the Why did this happen when he was cancer free, didn’t they get it all?  Why did he start coughing? Why?

And then, moments of grace, where gratitude washes over me for every single minute I  had the privilege to spend with him. 

Its a torture what we do to ourselves when loss happens and yet, it is part of the cycle. The questions, the grasping, the letting go, the fear, the sadness the indescribable ( though I am trying) feeling deep in my tissues that radiates out and back in again. 

I thank you all for the flowers, the food, the calls, the emails, the texts, the im’s, the sharing of your own stories of love and loss and for the identification. 
I don’t feel alone in this and for THAT I am especially grateful.

There are people you meet who you IMMEDIATELY know will be in your life forever. 
Here is one of them. 
I love you Carolini! 
Celebrating you today and EVERYDAY.