When you travel, there are things you must bring with you. Your medications, eyeglasses, passport, undies. But what about those things that make your travel life better? Go anywhere on the web, and you get a LOT of lists. Welcome to mine!

  1. Laundry Line. From the Ritz Carlton to the Ashram somehow, they always forget to give you a logical space to wash your undies. Enter the most awesome laundry line imho. Light and without any need for clothespins because of the genius design, I have used this again and again. I bought mine back in the day by this company called FLEXO LINE and bought a carabiner separately, but now there is an all in one by a company called GOING IN STYLE.Ps. I have used this at home too.
  2. Pumice stone. If you walk as much as I do when you travel then you will want to find a tub at some point and soak. Epsom salts, maybe a little lavender oil, and get to the matter at hand YOUR FEET. They will need some love. The Pumi bar by Mr. Pumice is cheap, reliable, and effective. They come in different grits, but I like this one the best as it gives you TWO options. Your feet and your friends will be grateful for your best foot forward. 
  3. Multivitamin. I take a lot of vitamins at home. To bring them all when you are traveling for more than a week is curious for immigration and takes up a lot of space in the carryon. Enter the Multivitamin supplement drink. Non-GMO, Gluten Free with no sugar, dairy, or soy, I love Oxylent 5-in-1 Sparkling Blackberry Pomegranate. And its tasty!
  4. Tea Tree Oil. Cuts, scrapes, burns, this is your stuff. Its a natural remedy in place of Neosporin, I will add this to coconut oil and create a BALM. Always dilute and more on the balm later…
  5. Tiger Balm. Massage this sucker into your tired sore muscles and they feel better. Side use, on your chest ala Vicks Vapo Rub (remember that as a kid?) to open up the nasal passages. 
  6. Immunity Shots By California Natural  This unique formula with ginger, oregano oil, and zinc I use If I feel something come on. The slightest, scratchy throat, stuffiness, I use as directed, and it works. I also take this while flying as a preventative. 
  7. Journal. If you are anything like me when you travel you always have a notebook with you. And if you are anything like me, you are specific about the type of journal you use. In my case it’s Moleskine XL. I love them. They come both soft and hard and in so many colors. I like to buy the sale colors as you can get something unexpected, even awful, HAHA, and as a result, you won’t lose it. Though they take up space, I always have a lot of writing to do.
  8. Stabilo Pen 68. Such pretty colors! Like my journal, I make space for this. They bring me joy when I pull them out in a foreign land and get down to scribe. 

And last but not least I always bring one seemingly superfluous item that makes me feel at home. If its a candle by Birdbath in Leather and Tobacco, my special tea Kaori Cha from Mariage Freres, or a travel picture frame with Snickers in it ( He can’t go to India! Waaa!) 

These comforts make me feel like ME wherever I go. 

P.s I have provided links for many of the items through Amazon, which donates to Planned Parenthood if you make a purchase. I have no personal affiliation with any of these products. I just enjoy them.