Hi, I’m Nina Siemaszko


Nina Siemaszko never intended to be “#yogaeverydamnday’ing”. After a failed first attempt at yoga, she stumbled into her second class and loved it. In the beginner class she learned poses and soon made the commitment to a weekly practice. As she stayed consistent in her practice she saw the ripple effects of the mind/ body/breath connection translate to life off the mat. She became kinder to others and gentler with herself. Her mind less noisy she was happy.

Suspending initial judgment led her on a journey she never dreamed of. She discovered her love of learning and PLAY. Exploring all styles of yoga and movement, she completed a 200hr training at Rising Lotus Yoga, Iyengar teacher training and certification, a 300 hr with Noah Maze, numerous India trips and the joy that is Usha Devi, studying with Manouso Manos and Christine Stein, teaching classes, workshops and teacher training. All of it a fantastic surprise.

She is incredibly grateful to her teachers.