It is impossible for a person to begin to learn what he thinks he already knows.


Whether your interest is in teaching or simply deepening your experience and knowledge, Nina will guide you on the exciting journey of self discovery. She is part of the Training staff at Rising Lotus Yoga, The Tree South LA. and Yoga Ratna. Hop on board! If you are interested in having her join your team she will coordinate a program, extensive syllabus and specific teaching plan to suit your future teachers needs. A teachers teacher she will engage your group with her love of mindful movement and create a dynamic and joyful exploration on this vast subject of yoga.

The Tree South LA  200 hr. Teacher Training

October 13 – January 27

Yoga Ratna 200 hr. Teacher Training

November 10 -February 17

Rising Lotus Yoga 200 hr. Teacher Training

 February 15- May 12